You can learn how to 

Survive And Thrive In Mexico

With monthly live coaching and mentoring to hold your hand throughout the journey.

Get started on your move to live Mexico with lots of help and guidance from a community of like-minded people 

You can create your joy-filled life in Mexico faster, easier, and with more confidence than you ever thought possible! 

If you've been yearning to move to a land of perpetual sunshine, where you find joy in your surroundings and everyday events, living the life you have been dreaming of, this group is for you. 
Here you will find coaching and mentoring and a community of like-minded paradise-seekers who have embarked on the journey to move to Mexico. 
Join them to learn valuable tips and insights, gain confidence, and create bonds to help you on your own journey to follow your dreams.

If you would like to successfully live in Mexico, either as a part-time snowbird, or a full time resident, this is your opportunity to learn the ins and outs of living and moving south of the border - to 10X your joy for 1/2 the cost!

I help people move to Mexico in an 8-week intensive course, providing detailed help and information to guide them every step of the way.  I also help people find meaningful work to sustain themselves financially so they can live in Mexico - or anywhere they choose.

 What I discovered after teaching each course is that just information is not enough.  People need help and support, someone to talk with, and exchange ideas with, and a community to provide guidance and encouragement in the sometimes scary process of reinventing your life overseas.

The process of moving to Mexico often takes much longer than just 8 weeks.  It could take months, even years, to plan and execute each step to move confidently and with clarity.

That's why I created the Survive And Thrive in Mexico Community - to provide them - and you - the support to achieve the transformation so  yearned for.  

Moving to Mexico makes great sense - but you've got to do it right!

There are lots of great reasons to move to Mexico:

  • Low cost of living: You can slash your living expenses by 1/2 to 2/3 to live better on a fraction of the money that you are spending right now.  That means you can retire now, or stretch out your savings over a longer period of time to ensure your financial well-being.
  • Wonderful climate: Mexico is the land of sunshine, and you can choose to live in the climate of your choice in a country with great geographic diversity and resulting varied climate.  Steamy tropics, temperate high plains, dry desert landscapes, mile-high plains that remain cool all year - you get to choose.
  • Beautiful beaches: Mexico has more than 6,000 miles of beaches, and many of them are among the most beautiful in the world.  Choose from the aquamarine water of the Gulf of Mexico in the Yucatan to crescent-shaped beaches skirting mountains on the breathtaking Pacific coast - pick your beach!
  • A wide variety of lifestyle options:  No matter what lifestyle you crave and what your budget is, you can find the perfect place and situation to meet your needs.  You can live in a city, rural area, small town, or beach resort.  And you can choose to live like a local on the economy, or fit in comfortably into an expat community in any of dozens of popular expat locations.
  • ​​Warm and friendly people: The Mexican people are warm and gracious, welcoming foreigners to their country, cities, and into their communities and homes.  This is an opportunity to get to know locals who will become long-time friends and supporters, helping you on your journey of discovery and adventure.
  • Ease of legal immigration:  Mexico offers short term tourist permits, up to 180 days in most circumstances.   It is often easy to gain legal residency by demonstrating either enough recurring income or financial assets to support you while you are living in Mexico. And the process can be started right at your Mexican consulate back home, before you ever set foot in Mexico.
  • High quality low cost medical care:  Medical care in Mexico costs between 1/10 and 1/4 of what it does in the US, and there are many excellent physicians and medical centers to serve your medical needs.  In fact, Mexico is a destination for medical tourism, where thousands of people travel each year to take advantage of low cost medical services.  And Medicare Advantage Plan and some US insurance policies will cover emergency and urgent medical care in Mexico. And affordable international medical insurance is available as well covering you in Mexico.
  • ​Stimulating ancient culture and history: Mexico's rich history dates back thousands of years, and you can enjoy it in the historic pyramids and temples, Colonial cities, beautiful museums, iconic artwork, and vibrant cultural events.
  • ​Fabulous food:  Mexico's cuisine is far more than the Tex-Mex  tacos and burritos we know back home.  The country has many unique and acclaimed regional cuisines, and you can embark on the adventure of trying new foods made with incredibly fresh natural ingredients rather than the processed foods we are so familiar with.
  • A welcoming expat community: With 3 million Americans and Canadians living at least part of the year in Mexico, it is easy to find a tribe of like-minded people experiencing the same things you are.  Being away from home makes people reach out and bond with others, allowing you to make lifelong friends easily and effortlessly.  And social media makes it easy to connect instantly.
  • Increased joy and happiness:  Most expats say their are happier, more energized, more content, less stressed, and full of joy and gratitude for the opportunity they seized to move to Mexico.  Join them to find out why their lives are so full!

Living overseas is more than just packing suitcases and hopping on a plane.

To thrive in your new home, you need to learn understand the culture and appreciate the differences, navigate the ins and the outs of your new home country, and create a network to help you deal with the fear and frustration that comes from dealing with the unknown.

There is a process involved in moving to - and  happily living in - a foreign country.  And while the benefits can be huge, so can the challenges.

Moving to a Mexico can be scary, lonely, and full of risk if you do it without a support community to guide you throughout the process.

You will be confronted with dozens of unknows, lots of questions and doubts, second guesses, and confusion and uncertainty.

It's natural.  It's part of the process.

There are a whole series of finite steps to plan and execute your move to your new dream location.  And I teach them in my Move To Mexico Now 8-week training course.

But there's a lot more involved in moving, settling in, and thriving in your new home.   It includes having the right skillset, mindset, and toolset to make your transition successful.  It involves learning the culture so you can understand the cultural differences -  the different ways things are done or thought about.

It includes learning about your new home country, and about the foods, music, history, language, and so much more. And the tiny day-to-day aspects of how life is lived overseas so you can have a realistic perception of how life in Mexico will be like.

And it's about the resources to help you survive, thrive, and live well and happily.

That's where this community can help.

You can do it alone - or be helped by others who have already gone ahead.

The Survive And Thrive In Mexico Community is comprised of people who have already gone on  this journey ahead of you - as well as those just now embarking on their journey of discovery and reinvention.

They will share their experiences, insights, suggestions, and mistakes - so you don't make the same ones.

Some are just getting started like you.  Others are part of the way through the process.  And a number of "graduates" who have already moved will serve a mentors and sounding boards and give you insight and encouragement along the way.

And you will be led on this journey by Diane Huth, who has moved to 4 different foreign countries, most recently returning to her beloved Mexico as a permanent resident.

I'm Diane Huth, and I want to help you on this journey of discovery and reinvention

You can buy my book on Amazon in paperback or Kindle eBook format.

And when you join the membership, I will mail  you your own hard copy of the book right to your home.

Hi, I'm Diane, The Runaway Sherpa

I moved to Mexico 3 years ago as a single woman in my 60s.  I moved to Isla Mujeres, a tiny white sandy beach island  just 7 miles due east of Cancun, with 3 suitcases and a dog on my lap.

It was the best thing I have ever done for myself.

It literally saved my life, and embarked me on a journey of rebirth and adventure and pure unbridled joy!

It wasn't easy, and I made a lot of mistakes, and lost money along the way, and incurred unnecessary expenses.  But I learned from my mistakes, and moved along to a place of contentment and happiness.

So many people asked me HOW I was able to achieve my dreams.  So I wrote a book to take them on the decision-making journey so they could see if a move to Mexico might be right for them.

First, I developed and taught a course to help people like you run away from home and move to Mexico like I did

This 8-week course started the mentoring experience

The course was so successful that all my students asked me to keep helping them on their journey!

In the fall of 2021, I taught an 8-week course providing all the information joy-seekers needed to learn to move overseas.  It included monthly training and mentoring sessions, and we formed a supportive and excited community who encouraged each other.  

When the course ended, my students begged me to keep up the monthly coaching and mentoring calls, which resulted in the launch of this membership community to keep the excitement and support flowing.

Those early students form the founding members of this group, as they progress on their journey, which generally takes 6 to 12 months to complete.  Some have moved already and are well settled in their new home in paradise.  Several have completed a month-long Beta Test, to test the waters before taking the plunge.  Others have made multiple trips to Mexico, and are planning retirement or part time work to ease the transition.  Several are just now getting their residency visas.  Others are still waiting for the time to be right to make their move.

All these people, along with new members as they join, will form your support group to provide you with the help and insight you need as you embark on your journey.

Check out the progress of these Founding Members and how they are progressing on their process of moving to Mexico:

See for yourself what other Founding Members have to say about the experience::

Regardless of where you are on the journey, there are members who just just experienced what is challenging your now, and they can help you through the doubts and fears

Lea  visits often while planning her retirement as a nurse

Sarah and Matt just finished their month-long Beta Test

Alan is working through medical and retirement issues so he will be ready to move in the fall

Ana and Jeremy's youngest son will graduate next year, and they will be able to manage his business from paradise

This community can make your move to Mexico a reality

Where are you on your journey to paradise?

Regardless of whether you are just starting to think about or plan your move to Mexico, or already well on your way, this community will help you get to the next step, holding your hand the whole way.

OUR MISSION   In this community, we help people like you who want to move to Mexico but don't know how, to go from unsure, fearful, and anxious to become confident, eager and empowered to take action to make your dream life come true.

Here's What You Get When You Join The Survive And Thrive in Mexico Community

There is incredible value in this membership, with monthly live calls, interviews, Q&As, guest experts, community support, and so much more.  Check it out:

Quick-Start Call

# 1 - Quick-Start 1-on-1 Call With Me

  • 30-minute phone or zoom call -  So I can get to know you, your situation, your goals, and personalize content to meet your needs
  • Limited Time Only - This is only available for the first 50 members
  • Book the Call At Your Convenience -  You will get a Calendly link to schedule your call at a time and date that works for you
  • ​A $100 value -  I charge $100 per hour for personal consultation, so this one call pays for your membership for several months

My Book Mailed to Your Home in US or Canada

# 2 - Your Copy of My Book - Delivered to Your Mailbox

  • Get Your Book Now -   You will receive a printed copy of my book - The GrownUps Guide To Running Away From Home:  Earn Dollars, Spend Pesos, Escape to Paradise - as soon as you register
  • Full of Content You Need -  The book details my decision-making process throughout my journey to move to Mexico - and what I learned along the way that will make your move easier, less fearful, and give you confidence that you too can change your life for the better.

Weekly Live Coaching Call

# 3 - Monthly Coaching and Mentoring Calls

  • Join us Live Second Monday of Every Month Monday Evening - Grab an adult beverage, sit back, and plan your escape to paradise!  We meet on Zoom at 8:00 pm Eastern Time, 5 pm Pacific Time, for an exciting and stimulating conversation among friends and mentors
  • Recorded for Replay - We know life gets in the way and you can't always be available, so the call is available for replay.  You will receive a copy of the video by email, and also be able to access it in the Membership Hub
  • Reminders So You Don't Miss a Call -  I will send you an email and a text message reminder during the day of the call with the link so you never miss a session.

Success Stories and Interviews

# 4 - Success Stories and Interviews

  • Meet Others Who Have Successfully Moved to Mexico -   Guest speakers will share their experiences and insights to help you on your journey
  • Variety of Experiences - We will bring you speakers from a range of backgrounds
  • Recorded for Replay - Watch or listen any time at your convenience from the library in your Membership Hub

Access to a Wide Range of Guest Experts

# 5 - Monthly Access to a Guest Expert 

  • Expert Guest Interviews - At least once a month, we will invite a valuable guest expert to share knowledge and expertise
  • Variety of Content - Hear from immigration specialists, government officials, work-at-home experts, accountants and CPAs, and much more
  •  Replay - All interviews will be recorded so you can watch them at your convenience

# 6 - Content to Help You Thrive in Your New Home

  • Learn about the Food in Mexico - Once you are here, you will want to learn to eat and cook many great dishes.  We will start you on your way with an understanding of the foods that are available, and how to prepare them.
  • ​Celebrate the Culture -  Learn about holidays and festivals, traditions and habits, and understand why people do what they do.  It will making living in Mexico so much more rewarding to understand what's going on around you - and why.
  •  Get to Know Mexico: - Mexico is a huge and diverse country, with more than 130 million residents, and 6,000 miles of beaches.  Take this opportunity to get to know the towns, cities, and regions of the country so you can plan where to live or travel.
  • ​Housing and Lifestyle Options - We will explore different types of housing, amenities, costs, and communities, and different lifestyle options you can choose from. Beach or mountains? Golf communities or urban cities?  Small towns or rural villages?  Explore the options here.
  • ​Mexico Tips and Hacks -  Learn lots of insiders tips and easy-peasy hacks and techniques to make life in Mexico easier and more joyful. 
  • ​Birds Eye Videos -  Dozens of spontaneously-filmed videos showing quaint everyday life in Mexico 
  • ​And So Much More!

Private Facebook Group

# 6 - Private Facebook Community

  • Meet and Connect - Bond and communicate with others on the same journey to have friends on the ground when you land in Mexico
  • Ask Questions - Need help now?  Post a question in the group, and either I or one of the other members will provide you with the answer and guidance you seek
  • Submit Action Items and Milestones - This is also an accountability group focused on taking action, and you are encouraged to share you achievements in the group for all to celebrate

And Check Out These 3 Fantastic Bonuses!


Career Corner -  Case Studies and Interviews

  • Monthly Focus on Jobs - Each month we will profile an industry and provide interviews, tips, and insights on how to make a living while you are living the life of your dreams
  • Remote Work Opportunities - We will invite recruiters with opportunities for employment in Mexico  to join us to discuss the available positions and make a valuable connection

Career Corner 

Job Resources


Learn Spanish With Diane

  • Monthly Flash Lesson - Learn the structure of the Spanish language, and tips and insights that will make it easier to master the language
  • Spanish Teacher - Believe it or not, a million years ago I got a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Spanish and taught high school Spanish for a living.  I've dusted off those long-forgotten teaching skills to teach you insights, tips, and techniques to make it easier and faster to gain language fluency
  • Augments Your Current Language Learning Program - I won't compete with whatever program you are currently using to learn Spanish.  Instead, I will augment your understanding of the language and teach you the secrets you will never learn on Duolingo or other online programs

Learn Spanish with Diane


Referrals to Service Providers

  • Immigration Attorney - When you are ready to get your visa and residency permit, I will introduce you to Saul, my favorite immigration attorney, who helps me with all my visa work.  He can help you book your appointment at both the consulate back home, and the INM Immigration office to immediately get your residency permit just days after your arrival
  • Mexican CPA - If you want to start a business, I will introduce you to Gabriel, who can help you navigate the rules and regulations for businesses so you don't get in trouble with the regulatory authorities
  • Need Other Referrals - I will provide an introduction to a reputable and vetted moving company, customs broker, realtor, doctor, or other professional you will need in your journey of moving to Mexico

Referrals to Immigration Specialists and others

You get all this value for less than a dollar a day

Despite all this great value, the membership costs just $29 per month

That's less than a dollar a day - less than what you would spend for a dinner for 2 at a neighborhood restaurant.

And it will  save you so much time and money!

You can choose to go it alone, and get cheated $1,200 on rent and deposit for your first apartment - like I did.  (I learned what the best landlords are and how to get a great deal on rent that will save you hundreds every month - the hard way!)

Or you can try to get your visa on your own, like a couple from Canada did, requiring 3 different trips to the consulate more than an 8-hour drive away from their home in rural Canada. After the second $1,000 trip, they finally hired an immigration specialist I recommended to book their appointments at the consulate, and it worked like a charm.

Or you can ask questions to all the expat groups, and try to sort your way through differing answers, snarky trolls, and disparaging comments, while trying to make sense of the conflicting and often irrelevant answers.  If you do that, you may find that the questions you didn't know to ask were more important than the ones you did ask, and learn the important information too late.

There's no commitment.

You can stay in the group for as long or as short of a time as you wish.

And you get to keep your copy of my book!

Choose your subscription option

You can join the membership in a way that best suits your budget and reflects your estimated move time:

  • Monthly: Membership is just $29 per month, and you can leave at any time - no commitment
  • Annual Membership:  Or join as a an annual member, and get 2 months for free - an incredible bargain!

Whichever option you choose, you will save time, money, and anxiety by having the information you need available to you, with live coaching to help you through the difficult process every step of the way.

Join the community now for just $29 per month

I will be here to support you throughout your journey to move to Mexico and fit into the local community.  And the many other community members will provide valuable help and support sharing their experiences, fears, doubts - and successes!

$29 is a very small price to pay for that kind of peace of mind!


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